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About us

It's all began in Feb 2020 when the whole world was affected by Covid-19, many businesses are facing the most tough situation that some of them have to close down the business, many people are jobless.

We started this online business sharing community in Aug 2020, our aim is to help the locals to promo their products and services in this interactive online platform. Our team has work tirelessly to develop this site and we hope many local businesses can be benefited.

2020 is a tough year. Let's work together, we can defeat the virus!

Why You Should Join The Community?

Do you know 95% of local company website are not rank in online search engine?
Well, we are here to help your business be found.

  • User-Friendly Dashboard

    Our user dashboard option included all listing management featuring E.g company profile, services, promotions, events management, blog posts, leads enquiry, reviews, likes & follow users, ads summary, payment checkout, invoice, notification panel & etc.

  • All in 1 Solution Community

    We help to automate your business. Online customers can better understand the products & servicces that you offered. They can even purchase the products on your listings. Happy customers = Happy You!

  • Social Media Share

    Search engine value social media as do your prospective customers. We have incorporated the social media elements into the listing and user profile page, it will help to rank better with search engines. You can easily share your listings into twitter, facebook, linkedin, whatsapp and etc.

  • Leads Tracking

    Our community site come equipped with a comprehensive lead tracking feature. This mean that the source of a lead can be traced to ensure the sales leads immediately channeled into your sales funnel for immediate follow up.

Singapore Elite Business Community.

Join us and be our elite member. Create free and unlimited listings, explore business opportunities that you don't wanna miss.

  • Full Features Listings

    We offer all-in-one most comprehensive listings in the market yet it's simple and easy to access.

  • Full User-Control

    It's your business listing, you take full control editing it with just few simple steps.

  • It's FREE!

    Yes, you are right! We offer unlimited free listing posting to all our members.

  • Grow Your Business.

    Members receive immediate quality leads from the online users, so remember to always post and update your business listings regularly.

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